In the field of cutting edge technology where continuous technical innovation continues on a daily basis, it is important to maintain constant contact with the latest information and to accurately judge its effectiveness and potential.


At IGEL, we perform detailed investigations, evaluation and analysis of various technologies in order to provide materials to support that judgment.


We also provide flexible support to the design and development of prototype products after the investigation/analysis stage. In particular, our engineers have extensive experience and knowledge of virtualization technology, the Linux kernel, mobile Web technologies and embedded software development.


Client Requirements Due to an increase in the number of system development projects using the Linux OS and open source, the client needed a real-time understanding of the ongoing patches and technical trends in the fields of embedded Linux and the Linux kernel.
Period Monthly reports
Details of support provided For Linux kernel development trends and the latest embedded Linux trends, we collected information from Lwn.net and the media.
We also provided monthly reports based on our investigations and analysis of security modifications and functional enhancements.


Client Requirements The client sought our support for the development of a "next-generation OS environment" (virtual machine execution environment) equipped with security functions, as part of Secure Japan 2006, a security program from the First National Strategy on Information Security that was formulated by the government's Information Security Policy Council in February 2006.
Period About 2 years
Details of support provided

A VM environment that enabled mandatory access control and encryption in order to prevent information leaks was created in the above period as a joint research project between industry, government and academia.
IGEL provided its services for the development of the following parts of the project.

Investigation of the virtualization methods for the devices managed by the secure VM

  - Research into USB (UHCI) and investigation into its virtualization

  - Development of virtualization guidelines of the UHCI host controller for the secure VM

  - Research into USB (EHCI) and investigation into its virtualization

  - Research into the ATAPI specification and investigation into its virtualization

  - Development of an ATAPI virtualized driver and integrated storage management functionality for secure VM.

  - Support for external announcements of the above project results (secure VM workshops, thesis writing support)

Related sites http://www.securevm.org/svms2.html
Related material PDF document


Client Requirements The client required R&D support to create a system that enabled secure information sharing and authoring by numerous members of a widely dispersed organization.
Period About 1 year
Details of support provided We used WebDAV, which is an extension of the HTTP communication protocol that is widely used on the Internet, to design and implement a secure WebDAV system that provides a document sharing/collaborative editing system suitable for large organizations, such as e-Government, by applying role based access control (RBAC). This secure WebDAV access control mechanism provides security above and beyond what is defined in basic protocol specification.
Related sites http://rbac.igel.co.jp/
Related material PDF document


Client Requirements The client was looking for support to identify the cause of unaccountable network failures in a Linux system.
Period 1 month
Details of support provided IGEL examined the failure status, retrieved the logs, investigated/analyzed the kernel code and device drivers, checked the code's update status and researched similar failures by consulting the Linux developer community. This allowed us to identify the cause of the failures, and propose and effective solution.

*In addition to the above support, we also provide short- and long-term Research and Development services and analysis of technological development in the industry at large.